Midland College – Kids College kicks off summer DRIVE program!

DRIVE program begins at Midland College this summer.

Drive kids

Midland College and it’s summertime Kids College will offer The First Tee – DRIVE program beginning in June of 2018.  Kids College – Golf instructor Kristi Seybert is a seasoned veteran teaching golf to youngsters at the summer college camp the past 5 years. However, this year will be different and Kristi is excited to be offering the The First Tee – DRIVE program for the first time. One big difference Kristi recognized is the Nine-Core Values she’ll be teaching alongside her golf instruction. Kristi says she’s expecting about 72 kids participating in DRIVE this summer.

Author: Bill Kirby

I'm a founding member and Exe. Director for First Tee West Texas. I reside in Midland, Texas and employed in commercial banking/energy lending. I realized a need in West Texas for expanding opportunity and accessibility to area youth to discover, learn, and participate in the lifelong sport of golf. In March 2017 I began a partnership with The First Tee of St. Augustine, FL. to bring their programming to West Texas.

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